Dr. Yvonne Looi is a Joyologist. She has a PhD in Biology and has a certification in the Science of Happiness. She is a certified Laughter Yoga Teacher endorsed by the founder of Laughter Yoga. She specialize in Laughter Yoga and Happiness Workshops for companies and enterprises.

    She founded the Nation of Joy movement with a mission to grow and build Singapore into a Nation of Joy!


    Dr Yvonne Looi sharing Laughter Yoga with 4500 Yogis at International Day of Yoga 2016

    Watch the video here!


      THE 5 SHOW APRIL 2015

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    Certified programs to learn how to bring more laughter & joy in your everyday life

    and/or start your own classes to spread the joy!

    1. Laughter Yoga Basic Learning Certification
    2. Laughter Yoga Leadership Certification


    We now have 10 laughter clubs and it is ever growing!

    Free laughter sessions and volunteering events monthly!

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    She is on a mission to help you shine! 

    Nation of Joy


    Dr Looi is the host of the Singapore School of Laughter as well as the Meetup group: Singapore Laughter Yoga: Happiness & Joy in Everyday Life. She strives to bring more laughter and happiness to the island through corporate, educational, healthcare, public and community events as well as events like Live Love Laugh, Laughter Yoga for Beginners, Laugh-a lot-Monday, Heal your Heart with Laughter, Laugh at the Park, Laughter after Work.


    She believes in the shiny inner joy that is within us all and it is her mission to grow a nation of joy on the island of Singapore and to the world!


    She founded the Nation of Joy movement with a series of initiatives to spread sustainable joy around Singapore with her book, her modular programs for The Science Of Laughter and training and growing a team of Joyful Ambassadors. She also heads a team of joy ambassador to spread laughter and joy through her monthly charity events, you can be a part of it too! Join her and be a part of the joyful initiatives towards a Nation Of Joy!






    Dr Looi is a

    MOE and PA registered instructor 



    21st July 2016 Singapore

    Dr Kataria on Laughter Yoga and his introduction for Dr Yvonne Looi at the Singapore public library. Event organized and hosted by Dr Yvonne Looi, Nation of Joy. Watch it here.


    Yoga Mela 2015 Singapore

    Singapore's Largest Mass Sun Salutation Event


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    Dr Yvonne Looi & Laughter Yoga LIVE on The 5 Show, Channel 5 April 2015


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    Nation of Joy featured in A Good Space as one of 30 Singaporean change-makers April 2018


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    Dr Yvonne Looi, Laughter Yoga and her initiatives featured in

    Yahoo Style Singapore

    June 2016


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    Dr Yvonne Looi featured in Laugh of the Day May 2016


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    The joy series:

    Alternative routes to happiness

    Laughter Therapy by Dr Yvonne Looi featured as an alternative therapy that is Fun, Engaging and Beneficial by Buro 24/7 Singapore

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    April 2016


    'Meet Singapore’s Joyologist

    Dr Yvonne Looi'

    Dr Yvonne Looi, Laughter Yoga and her initiatives featured on an article on The Happydemic blog

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    April 2016




    '5 Places In Singapore That’ll Bring A Smile To Your Face'

    Laughter meetup with Joyologist Dr Yvonne Looi listed as one of the '5 Places In Singapore That'll Bring A Smile To Your Face' by GoAway.Sg

    October 2015


    Dr Yvonne Looi & Laughter Yoga at

    International Day Of Yoga

    June 2015

    Dr Yvonne Looi & Laughter Yoga featured on Connexion.Sg 

    June 2014



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    Laughter Yoga Singapore featured in Timeout Singapore April 2012


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  • Laughter in Singapore

    Joyologist sharing Laughter Yoga with 4500 yogis at

    International Day Of Yoga 2016!

    Dr Yvonne Looi with 300 staff at Ministry of Education retreat

    Singapore | March 2016

    Dr Yvonne Looi on the science behind Laughter Yoga

    Singapore | Channel 5 | 6th April 2015

    Dr Yvonne Looi with the Founder of Laughter Yoga Movement Dr Madan Kataria in Singapore

    Singapore| 21st July 2016


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    What is laughter yoga?

    Laughter Yoga is a unique exercise routine which combines laughter exercise and yogic breathing exercises which brings in more oxygen to the body and brain making one feel more energetic and healthy. Laughter yoga is initiated as a group exercise with plenty of eye contact and childlike playfulness, the perfect setting for real and contagious laughter. With the combination of deep breathing exercises from yoga and laughter exercises, it infuses oxygen to our brain and body, leaving us feeling healthier and energised. With ample opportunities for interaction and team building elements it is a series of fun and creative workout you will experience, learn and love!


    Why laughter yoga?

    Everyone knows laughter is the best medicine and is great for health. But, in this high-pressure, high tension modern world there are not many reasons with make us laugh. In order to get the scientifically proven benefits of laughter, one must laugh for 15 to 20 minutes a day and laughter should be hearty and loud. This is not possible in real life as natural laughter is conditional and comes for few seconds here and there and is not enough to bring health benefits. Through laughter yoga one can laugh for extended period of time and heartily because it is being done as a physical exercise and not a mental process.


    Is laughter yoga for me?

    Laughter yoga is suitable for anyone! With special guided techniques, everyone can do and benefit from laughter! No prior experience of yoga is required, all you need is an open mind and an enthusiasm for fun, creativity and joyous laughter!

    Dr Looi believes that the true essence of building relationship and bonding is through organic experiences with each other through interactive play and laughter; and that everyone experience life best when they are having fun. Thus, by using the special techniques of laughter yoga through shared moments of fun, bonding and exploration, she strives to bring out the healthy, happy and creativeness that is in us all!


    5 Benefits of Laughter Yoga

    1. Personal Happiness
    Laughter yoga will help add more laughter to your life, develop a sense of humor and a smile. You will feel more confident, have a positive outlook, hope and optimism. It changes your mood within minutes and if your mood is good, everything seems good and you are at your best everywhere.

    2. Business Happiness
    Your output and performance depends on your energy level. For optimal functioning of the brain, you need 25% more oxygen than any other body organs. Laughter yoga increase the supply of oxygen, not only to the brain but to the entire body to help you work more than normal and efficiently.

    3. Happy Health
    Laughter Yoga is a powerful cardio workout, in fact laughing 100 times is equivalent to 10 mins on the rowing machine. It decreases the negative effects of stress on your body which is the root cause of all illnesses. Laughter yoga is a single exercise that deals with physical, mental and emotional stress simultaneously. It also strengthens the immune system, lowers blood pressure, controls blood sugar and keeps your heart healthy. It is a powerful antidote against depression- the number one sickness today.

    4. Happy Social life
    The quality of life and life satisfaction does not depend on how much money, power, position and success you have; rather it depends on the number of good friends with whom one has a caring and sharing relationship. This appreciation and acknowledgement helps in emotional development. Laughter Yoga is a positive energy which quickly connects you with people and helps to make friends easily.

    5. Inner spirit of Laughter
    Laughter Yoga teaches you how to keep your spirits high when you face challenges in life. It promotes a positive mental attitude to help you cope with negative situations and deal with difficult persons in a much better way than a normal person.


    Benefits of laughter in business and personal performances:

    • Increase Productivity

    • Promotes Team Work

    • Builds Engagement

    • Reduces Workplace Stress

    • Improved Efficiency

    • Enhance Leadership Skills

    • Encourage Innovation and creativity

    • Increase Attention Span, Learning Skills and Concentration

    • Enhances Motivation and Communication


    Companies who have experienced Dr. Looi's Laughter! 


    Laughter Yoga for Viriya Community Services 11 Nov 2017 30 pax

    Laughter Yoga on World Mental Health Day, 21 Oct 2017 500 pax

    Laughter Yoga for Mid Autumn Sports and Fun Day for CDAC, 14 Oct 2017 150 pax

    Laughter Yoga at Singapore Botanic Gardens Heritage Festival, 2 July 2017 27 pax

    Laughter Yoga at Singapore Botanic Gardens Heritage Festival, 1 July 2017 16 pax

    Laughter Yoga for International Day of Yoga at Vyasa Yoga, June 2017 150 pax

    Laughter Yoga for International Day of Yoga at Sun Love Home, June 2017 100 pax

    Laughter Yoga for International Day of Yoga at Marina Barrage, June 2017 30 pax

    Laughter Yoga for International Day of Yoga at Mangala Vihara Buddhist Temple, June 2017 50 pax

    Laughter Yoga for International Day of Yoga at SIM University, June 2017 50 pax

    Laughter Yoga for for International Day of Yoga at Foreign Domestic Worker Association, June 2017 50 pax

    Laughter Yoga for International Day of Yoga at National Stadium for High Commision of India, June 2017 450 pax

    Laughter Yoga for International Day of Yoga at Gardens by the Bay, June 2017 80 pax

    Laughter Yoga for Danone, June 2017 20 pax

    Laughter at Gift of Love Home, June 2017 30 pax

    Laughter Yoga at Rotary Singapore, May 2017 50 pax

    Science of Smile for THK, May 2017 40 pax

    Laughter Yoga at Rainbow Center, May 2017 70 pax

    Laughter Yoga for seniors at SMOTA, May 2017 30 pax

    Science of Happiness and Laughter at Singapore Polytechnic (SP), May 2017 100 pax

    Laughter Yoga Pilot Program for COPE, April 2017, 30 pax each, 4 sessions in April

    Laughter Yoga for Little India Shopkeepers & Heritage Association (LISHA), Feb 2017 40 pax

    Laughter Yoga for Institute of Technical Education (ITE), Jan 2017 18 pax

    Laughter Yoga for seniors at COPE Presbyterian Community Services (PCS) , Jan 2017 60 pax

    Laughter Yoga at Rotary Singapore, Jan 2017 50 pax

    Laughter Yoga for Whispering Hearts Family Service Center, Dec 2016 30 pax

    Laughter Yoga for Staff Appreciation Day at Institute of Mental Health (IMH), Nov 2016 40 pax

    Center for Creative Leadership Singapore, Nov 2016 15 pax

    Laughter Yoga at World Psoriasis Day, Oct 2016 150 pax

    Laughter Yoga for Danone, Sept 2016 50 pax

    Science of Smile for THK, Sept 2016 45 pax

    Laughter Yoga at Global Citizen Forum, Aug 60 pax

    Laughter Yoga at 1st Asian Yoga Therapy Conference, July 120 pax

    Laughter Therapy at Singapore Cheshire Home, July 20 pax

    Laughter Yoga at D'Kranji Farm Resort, July 16 pax

    Laughter Yoga at International Conference on Ayurveda Shangri-la Singapore, June 2016 200 pax

    Laughter Yoga for International Day of Yoga at National Stadium for High Commision of India, June 2016 4500 pax

    Laughter Yoga for International Day of Yoga at Vyasa Yoga, June 2016 30 pax

    Effectiveness Through Happiness at People's Association HQ, June 2016 30 pax

    Laughter Yoga for International Day of Yoga at Civil Service Club, June 2016 120 pax

    Laughter Yoga for Johnson & Johnson, June 2016, 9 pax

    Laughter Yoga for seniors, June 2016 26 pax

    Science of Laughter at Happiness Enterprises Camp April 2016 50 pax

    Laughter and Joy at Heartbeat @ Bedok 9th April 2016 80 pax

    Science of Laughter with Ministry of Education (MOE) Retreat March 2016 289 pax

    Science of Laughter at NUS, 24th Mar 2016 19 pax

    Science of Laughter at NUS, 23rd Mar 2016 18 pax

    Science of Smile for THK. Mar 2016 25 pax

    Science of Laughter at MOE retreat 2016, 289 pax

    Science of Laughter at Yoga Time February 2016, 20 pax

    Laughter Yoga at Canberra CC for Active Aging Month February 2016, 55 pax Eng/Man workshop

    Laughter Yoga at Canberra CC for Active Aging Month February 2016, 41 pax Mandarin workshop

    Laughter Yoga for SFIC, February 2016, 230 pax

    Science of Laughter for UOB Bank, January 2016, 16 pax

    Laughter Yoga for MyCozyRoom, December 2015, 20 pax

    Laughter Yoga for MyCozyRoom, December 2015, 15 pax

    Laughter Yoga for BASF The Chemical company, AMC Asia, December 2015, 200pax

    Laughter Yoga for CDAC, December 2015, 55 pax

    Laughter Yoga for Amex, November 2015, 18 pax

    Live Love Laugh Sunday X Thanksgiving, Singapore Botanic Gardens, November 2015, 24 pax

    Science of Smile for THK. November 2015 40 pax Mandarin Workshop

    Science of Smile for THK. October 2015 100 pax

    Laughter Yoga for Millennia Institute. October 2015 90 pax

    Laughter Yoga for Millennia Institute. October 2015 152 pax

    Laughter Yoga for Millennia Institute. October 2015 166 pax

    Laughter Yoga for Whispering Hearts Family Service Center. October 2015 43 pax

    Laughter Yoga for Mind Your Body Detox Day at Blissdo. October 2015 30pax. Mandarin Workshop

    Live Love Laugh Sunday X Global Peace Weekend, Unify.Org. September 2015

    Live Love Laugh Sunday- Celebrates SG50, Singapore Botanic Gardens, August 2015, 24 pax

    Laughter Yoga for Eastman Chemical, July 2015, 16pax

    Laughter Yoga for Community Attachment at People's Association Headquarters, July 2015, 30pax

    Laughter Yoga for International Day of Yoga at High Commission of India, June 2015, 100pax

    Live Love Laugh Sunday- A fundraiser for Nepal, Singapore Botanic Gardens, June 2015, 30pax

    Laughter Yoga for One Grand Family Symphony, Community Club, 24 May 2015

    Laughter Yoga for BASF The Chemical company, AMC Asia, 13 May 2015, 250pax

    Live Love Laugh - World Laughter Day, Siloso Beach Resort, May 2015

    Laughter Yoga for Housing Development Board (HDB), March 2015, 50pax

    Laughter Yoga for Welfare day, Singapore Police Force, Feb 2015, 40pax

    Laughter Yoga for Stress free day, Johnson & Johnson, Dec 2014, 40pax

    Laughter Yoga for BASF The Chemical company, AMC Asia, 20 Nov 2014, 250pax

    Laughter Yoga for BASF The Chemical company, AMC Asia, 19 Nov 2014, 250pax

    Laughter Yoga for Laneway Learning Singapore, 13 October 2014, 16pax

    Laughter Yoga for NTUC First Campus, 9 October 2014, 28pax

    Laughter Yoga for NTUC First Campus, 8 October 2014, 18pax

    Laughter Yoga for NTUC First Campus, 7 October 2014, 13pax

    Laughter Yoga for Sembcorp Jurong Island, August 2014, 180pax

    Laughter Yoga for Vital, Ministry of Finance, August 2014, 190pax

    Family & kids Yoga, Amara Sanctuary Resort Sentosa, July 2014, 12pax

    June Jollydays, Amara Sanctuary Resort Sentosa, June 2014, 60pax

    Live Love Laugh - Luminous edition, Siloso Beach Resort, June 2014, 25pax

    Laughter Yoga for Huamin Primary School, June 2014, 70pax

    Laughter Yoga for Sembcorp Hill Street, May 2014, 150pax

    Live Love Laugh - Nature edition, Siloso Beach Resort, Apr 2014, 20pax

    Laughter yoga for British Petroleum, Feb 2014, 25pax

    Live Love Laugh - BFF edition, Siloso Beach Resort, Feb 2014, 20pax

    Laughter Yoga for Shape Magazine, Feb 2014, 60pax

    Laughter Yoga for Faculty of Life, Jan 2014, 10pax

    Laughter Yoga for Ministry of Manpower, Jan 2014, 44pax

    Laughter Yoga for National Heritage Board, Jan 2014, 130pax

    Live Love Laugh, Siloso Beach Resort, Nov 2013, 18pax

    Laughter Yoga for BASF The Chemical company, AMC Asia, 22 Nov 2013, 150pax

    Laughter Yoga for BASF The Chemical company, AMC Asia, 21Nov 2013, 150pax

    Laughter Yoga woman in leadership,NUS business school, Nov 2013,16pax

    Laughter Yoga for Pfizer Pte Ltd, Sept 2013, 40pax

    Laughter Yoga for Timeout magazine, Mar 2012, 35pax

    Laughter Yoga for National Library Board, Mar 2012, 25pax



    Be part of the happy nation today!


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    More testimonials below!


    'Yvonne was an absolute joy to work with. She radiates such warmth and genuineness and has the natural ability of bringing out the inner child in anyone. Her positive vibes were so infectious that everybody's inhibitions were dropped almost immediately; even the most sceptical of participants were drawn from their shells and roaring with laughter in no time. Yvonne is also extremely professional and it is apparent that she holds a great depth of knowledge in the field. Without a doubt, Yvonne is the go-to person for anyone seeking more laughter and better wellbeing in their lives!'

    Faculty of life, Singapore


    I learned a new word – Joyologist. I did not know what it meant but after attending the session, it was obvious to me. She walks the talk.

    Yvonne is an excellent facilitator who is able to manage the dynamics within the group, including children. The session was well thought through and was great fun for the participants. The participants approached the session with some apprehension in the beginning but after 5 minutes, they were well into it. Everyone left the session feeling happy and positive.

    Daniel Chua, Group Customer Service and Operations Officer, NTUC First Campus


    Enjoyed the workshop and Dr Yvonne was effectively bilingual. She bonded well with the participants and made them feel at ease and relaxed throughout the workshop. I like her little treats/surprises and the peer recognition idea towards the end of the workshop. It closes the session in a positive and joyful manner.

    Winnie Lee, Manager, Service Quality, NTUC First Campus



    'Dr. Looi is infectious with her laughter which makes the participants comfortable and willing to have fun! Bless her for spreading joy!

    Anitha P.


    'Yvonne, thank you for your unique workshop! I've had a great time channeling my happy vibes and expressing it through the belly-bursting laughter exercise'
    Mary Mcinerney


    Yvonne is jovial by nature and possess this positive mindset and attitude. She is able to spread the positive vibes to people around her. Naturally, participants feel at ease when she is conducting the workshop and enjoyed themselves thoroughly which I thought that it is one of her strengths in being a Laughter Yoga instructor.

    Dolly Chean, Customer Service & Operations - Service Quality, NTUC First Campus 


    'Dr Looi was very engaging and was able to liven the atmosphere. In no minutes everyone started laughing through the exercises conducted. Overall, I like the laughter yoga exercises and look forward to more interesting activities conducted by Dr Looi in the future!'

    Sembcorp, Jurong Island Singapore




    'What a great session! Yvonne's joy and laughter comes straight from her heart, and you can't help but feel it and accept it too. A great way to get any Organization into that clear, calm productive space where real learning and insight appears".

    Mark Jamieson, creator of the CALM approach to mindfulness at work


    'Programme is beneficial for the staff to bond closer together and relax ourselves. It also benefit the heart, mind and body.'




    'It was a great experience and I feel lighter and happier after the session and Yvonne is a lively and fun facilitator.'


    'Laughter yoga is very unique and good for anyone to pick the skill. We can in fact teach our children as well.'


    'Laughter yoga allows me to understand what is a true laughter and keeps me relaxed.'


    'I really enjoyed the interactive and positive nature of the activities. Thanks to Dr Looi!'

    George Jacobs


    'A refreshing workshop! Dr. Yvonne is the right person to loosen the crowd with her laughter!'


    'Program was really fun! I enjoyed myself alot and it was a good opportunity for teachers to bond as well. Well planned! Thank you for giving us the opportunity to attend these sessions!'


    The happiness is growing!


    (More!) Praises and testimonials:

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    Dearest Dr Yvonne

    You delivered an excellent programme for SEAB Day 2018! Thank you very much from the bottom of my heart for bringing so much joy within an hour! SEABlings truly enjoyed it and i am so delighted to share that your segment made a difference to them! Personally, I could feel your noble passion and mission when you conduct the session. May you continue to live your passion and nurture a Nation of Joy which is much needed in a VUCA world.

    Ms Elavarasi Sundararaju

    Assessment Specialist

    Ministry of Education

    Singapore Examinations and Assessment Board



    Yvonne's energy is infectious. She has a way of getting the most serious or shy individuals to become relaxed, lively, energetic and silly. She inspires you to be present, to be only with the happiness in each moment. Her sheer joy is well balanced by her knowledge of human psychology and biology. Her yoga session is lead with eloquence and well-executed transitions! Her timing and ability to gauge the level of energy and understanding in the group is impeccable. I had lots of learnings, moments of hands-on experimentation, and centering. Highly recommended for those who would like more carefree joy and serenity in their life." Angela O.


    "I love the sessions. Didnt know I can laugh like that. Happiness is indeed a choice, so laugh all you want, it is free!" Wan


    "Sharing laughter is something mutually beneficial. You benefit from enhancing your own well-being and those around you."


    "Yvonne is an extremely fantastic trainer. Her confidence at the subject matter and her delivery was smooth and seamless" Alvin


    "Great time with people who want to have fun and build a happy community in Singapore" Matt


    ''Feeling charged after the laughter session!'' Smitha


    ''Very good and very refreshing! Everybody should do this!!!''


    "I feel so free now, thanks Yvonne"


    "I had a great time Laughing out Loud!!!" Ester


    "I really enjoy the session"


    ''I had great fun! Ha ha ha!'' Lyn


    "Yvonne is so bubbly, friendly and passionate about laughter yoga! My jaw aches a little now :) " Claris


    "Her laughter exercises are AWESOME!! Dr Yvonne has certainly rub the laughter vibe on me! Keep laughing always!"


    "A great workout indeed, keep up the great job!" Rene


    "Muahahahahaaa! (Pretty much sums up the session!) :)" Wan


    Yvonne has been a most wonderful and dedicated trainer. You can sense her passion almost immediately right at the beginning of her session. On the subject of Laughter Yoga, it has been a very important discovery for me. It opened the gates out of depression for me as i encountered unforseen life challenges. I was at the crossroad of my life when Laughter Yoga re-delivered the fast diminishing joy, happiness and greater purpose back into my life when life situation was bleak. You will notice very quickly that Laughter attracts good things into your life and your life takes a turn for the better in ways you thought impossible. It has been a great journey for me ever since. I only have this to say: Make Laughter exercises a part of your life, try it, you will never know its benefits till you embark on it. I used to laugh at Laughter Yoga, dismissing it as a passing hype, now I am laughing at myself and enjoying every moment of my very contagious laughter. Kudos to my master, Yvonne for bringing laughter into my life and to Singapore! Alvin L.


    ''Thank you for helping us find joy and happiness within outselves, I had a great time and feel relaxed and happy. Im sure I will do this again sometime because I really enjoyed it! Cheers!'' Paloma


    ''A very relaxed day! I wish every one can laugh out every day! Thank you!''


    ''It is just WONDERFUL!'' A.J




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